The Easter Basket

"Get Up! Come On! Up! Up! Up! I know he has been here!" Bailey exclaimed, poking Brett feverishly in his side.
"Bailey, it is not even 7am on Easter Sunday, go back to sleep!" Brett grumbled.

"No, come on! It is time for jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps. Move it!" Bailey said, grabbing an arm and dragging Brett out of bed.

"Ok! I'm up! I swear I liked it better when the Easter Bunny only visited your Mom's house then we could sleep in," Brett said as he was drug down the hallway towards the stairs.

Bailey stopped mid-stride at the staring at the sight of his basket. "What the heck! Oh, that is not so right!"
The stuffed bunny that had graced every Easter basket since he was a child was now dressed in leather and wearing cuffs and chains. Looking closer at the basket, Bailey just shook his head as he began to poke through his basket.

The usual Easter goodies had been replaced. A shiny wooden paddle stuck up in the back of the basket. Instead of a large chocolate bunny gracing the center of his basket, a shiny purple prostate massager stood proudly in its place. The jelly beans had been replaced by anal beads. Little tubes of lube nestled where marshmallow chicks belonged. The Easter grass itself was even gone replaced by the many tails of a mini flogger.

"Umm, I see the Easter Bunny has been shopping at your favorite stores. Leave it to you to corrupt the Easter Bunny," Bailey said chuckling.

"Hey, it's not my fault that the Easter Bunny agreed that you didn't need a sugar high." Brett said laughing.

Coming up behind Bailey, Brett nuzzled into his neck and started kissing him softly. "So, Beautiful, should we take your basket upstairs and play with your gifts?"

"Please!" Bailey replied as he picked up the basket.